Please call toll-free:

1-866-STEPS12 (1-866-783-7712)

to connect with the Statewide AA Answering Service.


1-855-ESPANCT (1-855-377-2628)

Lengua española en el servicio de contestador

To find an answering service near you;

please visit the District Pages.

Trouble with Meeting Search?

The Meeting Finder is used by other areas of the country so when you enter a town in the Search field, a map lookup is performed to verify the town exists. It may return a town by the same name in another state. To assist your search, please add “,CT” or ” CT” after the town or city you have entered. For example “Avon, CT” or “Mansfield CT”.

Updates To Meetings

For changes/Temporary Closures to Meeting Schedules, including: adding new meetings, removing meetings from the list, and changing and/or correcting meeting information: (Click Here)


Updates To GSO Groups

Download the following form and email / bring to your District Schedules Chair (see Area Calendars for the District Meeting Schedule).

Area 11 New Group and Group Change Form

Mailing Addresses

To mail contributions or other items, please visit our 7th Tradition Contribution Information page.


Area Officers

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