Who do I contact to change Meeting Schedule Information?

What District does my homegroup belong to?

If I have “just one” drink at a wedding or party, can I brush that off as being for a special event?

No. If you intentionally take a drink to “blend in”, “be social” or other reasons, you have willingly chosen to consume alcohol. You should try to resist such temptations or “peer pressure”. We are only human, and such “slips” can sometimes happen; you should consult with your sponsor & examine your state of mind and spiritual condition.

I take prescription drugs: do I have to stop those too?

We are not doctors. Medications prescribed by your physician are a matter of your physical & psychological health, and solely between you and your doctors. If taken as prescribed, they are appropriate. However, should you find that you are or find yourself wanting to take more than the prescribed amounts or continue to use medication when you have no physical need, you may be in danger or prescription drug abuse, and should speak to your prescribing physician as to recommended solutions.

My native language isn’t English

There are meetings in other languages and printed translations available? (contact: accessibilities@ct-aa.org )

How do I get a copy of the “Big Book” (Alcoholics Anonymous) or Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions?

At some meetings there is a literature person who is in charge of this, or once you get a sponsor, he/she will be able to get you a copy.

I’m out of work – Do I have to contribute money at the meetings?

No. Even when you have a job you don’t have to contribute. You only have to have the desire to quit drinking to attend a meeting.

I have no car / license is suspended – can you help me get to meetings?

You get this answered while you’re attending the meeting. Ask the question, typically there is a member or two who is able to get you to the meeting you’re attending, and possibly others.

How many meetings a week should I attend?

This is all dependent on a sponsor, if you have one. Many suggest you should be going to 90 in 90 (90 meetings in 90 days), but here is a good answer… you should go to as many meetings in a week as the days you use to get drunk in a week.

What does it mean when they ask “Is anyone “coming back”?

Coming back refers to someone who may have had a “slip.” Someone who had put some sobriety together, but unfortunately lost it due to getting drunk.

Which meeting is “right for me?

Finding the “right” meeting doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You should feel comfortable at the meeting, getting the suggestions you may need to make another day. It should be as if you are with “friends.”

How do I find a meeting?

How do I choose a sponsor

Do I really need a sponsor? Why?

What if I and my sponsor don’t get along?

I wish to make a contribution: Where should I send it to?

I am having some problems with someone at a meeting who is making me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?

Proof of Attendance at Meetings

Sometimes a referral source asks for proof of attendance at A.A. meetings.

Groups cooperate in different ways. There is no set procedure.

The nature and extent of any group’s involvement in this process are entirely up to the individual group. Some groups, with the consent of the prospective member, have an A.A. member acknowledge attendance on a slip that has been furnished by the referral source.

The referred person is responsible for returning the proof of attendance. This proof of attendance at meetings is not part of A.A.’s procedure.

Each group is autonomous and has the right to choose whether or not to sign court slips. In some areas, the attendees report on themselves, at the request of the referring agency, and thus alleviate braking A.A. members’ anonymity.

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