“Help us preserve the past for the future.”

Purpose of Archives:

Consistent with A.A.’s primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other alcoholics achieve recovery, Area 11 Archives of Alcoholics Anonymous will:

() Receive, classify, and index all relevant material, such as administrative Area 11 files, records, correspondence, literary works and artifacts considered to have historical importance to Alcoholics Anonymous;

() Provide access to these materials, as determined by the archivist in consultation with the Archives Committee, to members of Alcoholics Anonymous and to others who may have a valid need to review such material, contingent upon a commitment to preserve the anonymity of our members;

() Provide information services to assist the operations of Area 11 in Alcoholics Anonymous;

() Promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, goals and programs of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If your AA group is interested in having archives come to your group anniversary, service committee function, or special AA event, please e-mail your request to: archives@ct-aa.org.


The Area 11 Archives Repository is located at First Baptist Church, 581 Meriden Ave. Southington CT 06489. It is accessible by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact us at archives@ct-aa.org.

Area 11 wants your archives!

Do you have any historical information that pertains to the development of AA in Area 11? Do you have old group minutes from business meetings, old AA related books, Grapevines, banners, event information or any other items that you don’t know what to do with or have in a box that you can’t seem to throw out? Then contact the Archives committee and we will be happy to assist you in donating them to the Area 11 Archives.

Do you have 30+ years of sobriety? Be a part of our oral history project, preserving the tradition of AA in Connecticut. Download an oral history form below to participate in the project.

The Archives is also collecting group histories. If your group has a great story, please share it with us by downloading the group history form.

Interested in having the Archives artifacts at your next group function or anniversary?

Send your request to archives@ct-aa.org.

We also ask that your group please contact your district Archives rep. to reserve the Archives items at least one month in advance.


In an e-mail, please specify the following:

() The Nature of the Function

() Group Name & Location

() Date and Function

() Time of Event (and when we can set up)

() Contact person with phone number

We will return your e-mail as soon as possible and let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Mission Statement

The Area 11 Archives Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous is a repository of personal collections, manuscripts, publications, photographs, memorabilia, CD’s and other material as it relates to the origin and the development of Alcoholics Anonymous in the state of Connecticut (Area 11) It is our objective to make the history of the organization accessible to AA members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding AA’s progression, principles and traditions. The Archives committee recognizes it’s responsibility to protect the anonymity of all AA members.


Contact Us: archives@ct-aa.org