*** 12th Step options ***

Printing a PDF style Booklet OR PDF List from the website is a 12th Step Work practice that each member can now perform.

No need to print multiple copies:

ONE in hand BY SEVERAL attendees at a Live meeting could help save a Newcomer’s life and keep them on track with the AA program of recovery.



Option one allows “list printing” of CURRENT Meetings that YOU create and display using the Meeting Finder Plug-in from Area 11 website.

You can use the “Sorting Options” you may have learned from the Meeting Finder Tutorial Video to make a customized meeting list.

These lists can be printed from Chrome, Edge AND Safari browsers.





Option two allows “booklet printing” of CURRENT In-Person/Hybrid Meetings by downloading this Booklet File (click here)

SUGGESTION: Download and use this Sample data file to familiarize yourself with the printing process. (click here)



Submit Meeting Schedule changes (Click Here)


Due to the large amount of meeting location, time & type changes made during the prior year to accommodate Fellowship during COVID-19, it has been decided to not create any new printed schedule BOOKS.

No older copies are being made available for distribution in the interest of accuracy.

Please make use of this website’s “Find A Meeting” application, or the “Meeting Finder” smartphone app., which are as current as the individual group’s communication with the Schedules Committee.