Information for Professionals

What We Do:

AA’s local committees for Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) provide information about Alcoholics Anonymous to members of the community whose profession may bring them in regular contact with anyone who may suffer from the disease of alcoholism. We offer information through a variety of methods, and seek to establish simple and effective ways to work with professionals with a policy of “cooperation, but not affiliation.”

Our Methods:

Exhibits: Upon request, our committee is available to set up exhibit tables offering informational pamphlets and statewide meeting schedule booklets at any professional event.

Presentations: We are available to give presentations about Alcoholics Anonymous for any group of professionals. We are flexible and able to fit this within any time frame – from ten minutes to an hour. This may take place at a staff meeting, in a classroom, or any other setting. Our presentations may take place in a variety of different ways, depending on your request: Power Point presentation, brief talk with fact sheet hand-outs, etc.

Literature: We have packets available which each contain letters and pamphlets describing AA. These are available upon request. If you wish to receive a literature catalog, we have those available as well.

Attend an “Open” AA Meeting:

AA meetings are designated as either “open” or “closed.” Anyone may attend an open meeting, alcoholic or not. A listed meeting will either have “O” or “C” next to it. We encourage anyone who wishes to learn more about AA to attend an open meeting. If you would prefer to attend a meeting accompanied by an AA member, one of our committee members would be happy to accompany you.

Professionals can include:

Healthcare Professionals

Mental Health Professionals

Social Workers

Human Resources Professionals

Legal Professionals

Corrections Professionals

Treatment Center Staff


Members of the Clergy

Police Officers


Print Meeting Schedules

Area 11 C.P.C. Committee: If you wish to contact us, send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Answering Service: 1-866-Steps12 is Connecticut’s statewide answering service for Alcoholics Anonymous. A caller has the option to either ask for a local meeting listing or to speak to an AA member.

Alcoholics Anonymous Website: The AA website,, offers a variety of resources. Informational pamphlets can be viewed in PDF format. Three short video segments for professionals are streaming on the website.

About AA: is a newsletter for professionals printed by the staff assignment for Cooperation with the Professional Community at the General Service Office twice a year. This is available by mail, but can also be viewed on

Corrections and Treatment: If you work in a correctional facility or a treatment facility and are interested in having an AA meeting on-site, you can e-mail Area 11’s Corrections ( and Treatment ( committees.

The A.A. Grapevine: The Grapevine is the International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a monthly periodical available by subscription, which is more or less a “meeting in print.” These can especially be useful for waiting rooms. Visit for more information.

La Viña: Also available by subscription, La Viña is the Spanish version of the Grapevine. Visit

For AA Members:

Looking to carry the message of AA? The Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) Committee  has a variety of ways you can get involved. Opportunities are available whether you want to be an active committee member, or simply be involved in a small way such as bringing an informational packet to your primary care physician. Many AA members were referred by a professional (doctor, lawyer, social worker, etc.). This is a vital AA service. Members of the professional community have been our advocates since the early days of AA in the 1930’s. This has played a key role in AA’s growth. Alcoholics Anonymous has maintained a policy of being “friendly with our friends.” If you wish to get involved, contact us at

For A.A. Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field:

The C.P.C. Committee is available to offer you resources as well! As an AA member who is also employed in a helping profession, you may have certain questions about anonymity, affiliation, and other concerns involving the difference between your job and Alcoholics Anonymous. The AA Guidelines for AA Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field may be of particular interest available for viewing on, and we are also available to answer any questions you may have.