Mission Statement

The AA Treatment Center committee cooperates with many institutions throughout the state of Connecticut by arranging meetings and the resources to conduct meetings at detoxification units and hospitals. Meetings are chaired and run by individual AA’s and AA Groups. The committee also purchases and distributes AA literature for the patients at these institutions. Individual AA members or groups interested in sponsoring meetings can fill out the form on this page and email the Treatment Center Committee.

Treatment Center Downloads:

These documents are provided to assist AA members who would like to volunteer in treatment facilities.

Literature for AA Meetings in Institutions:

The Treatment Committee purchases and distributes literature to institutions or to individuals’ and groups sponsoring meetings at institutions. Below is a sample of literature available:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Came to Believe

Living Sober

Daily Reflections

A variety of pamphlets

Open Commitments:

There are several facilities looking for groups or individual AA’s to chair meetings. Volunteers must have a year or more of continuous sobriety and a sponsor. To volunteer, fill out the form provided above and email to Treatment.


Contact Treatment: treatment@ct-aa.org


If you or someone you know is being released from a treatment or correctional facility please call Bridging the Gap at 855-565-2345 and they will get you connected with an AA volunteer as soon as possible.