Area 11 and COVID-19

Area 11 Online Meetings (click here)


Area 11 is putting steps in place to inform and continue to provide for our Fellowship and the newcomer.

Update Announcement(s)

Meeting Guide mobile app has been updated. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and perform an Upgrade/Update.

The newest revision now denotes online style meetings; press the meeting name and then select View Web Page to find further meeting information.

7th Tradition / Contributions can now be performed online.


Current availability of on-line / phone offering Meeting information:

Online information can be found in each meeting’s detail information (click the meeting name from list).

Again, the mobile app, Meeting Finder, is not updated in “real-time”. The Website information is.
Alternate meeting formats have been adopted.

Google Hangouts


Free Conference Call

GSO has prepared some good information as well:


Meeting updates and Password insertions are to be sent to Schedules needs meeting name, day, town, and time of the meeting. Town is very important for the Schedules Committee to locate and modify the meeting in a timely fashion.

All District pages are displaying live lists of online meetings.

The information on the Meeting Finder mobile app is updated twice daily.


Search Examples:

Meetings are currently be updated with online information. To search for online meetings, use the Meeting Finder and search for “Online Meeting” in the Type field:

Not all meetings have been designated as Online Meeting yet. Many are still listed as Temporary Closure but have Zoom info in them. (If a complete Zoom link is not offered the status will not change to online)

To search for these Zoom meetings, use the Meeting Finder “Search” field:


Type “Zoom” into the search field and hit “Enter” or tab off the field:


This is an opportunity for us as a Fellowship to practice our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts for the good of everyone. This is a work in progress ever mindful of the Fellowship as a whole.

We have learned that our organization gets its information primarily via word-of-mouth. Please share this information.

… All the best