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All District pages are displaying lists of online meetings.

Area 11 is ever striving to provide information for our Fellowship and the newcomer.

Report In-Person Meetings to schedules@ct-aa.org

Reporting will result in the “Temporarily Closed” label being removed from your meeting record.

If you are ALSO discontinuing use of Zoom/On-line Tools, please ask to have the information deleted, so you no longer show up in the “online meetings” search as well.

Please include the following (in order of importance)

TOWN, Day of week, Time, location.

If your facility has any special requirements you wish to have inserted in the comments section, feel free to provide those. (Masks, distancing guidelines or occupancy capacity, etc.)



Connecticut AA groups are trending towards three types of meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic:

* Online Meetings (also known as Virtual Meetings) – Most groups have created virtual meetings online, typically using the Zoom service. This allows members to participate from home or any location with an internet connection, using a computer, a smartphone or tablet. The meeting list on this site includes links, meeting IDs and passwords to virtual meetings. Zoom meetings require the use of Zoom software, which is available for free. Other alternate meeting formats have also been adopted: Google Hangouts

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* Physical Meetings – Some groups continue to meet in person, using social distancing and/or masks to keep members safe. Some of the meetings take place in the space that was used before the pandemic. Other groups are meeting outdoors. (Be mindful of Town Ordinances)

* Hybrid Meetings – A few groups meet physically but also use a Zoom hookup that allows people to participate online.

AA groups have chosen their style of meeting by group conscience.


The information on the Meeting Finder mobile app is updated twice daily.

More specific online information can be found in each meeting’s detail information (click the meeting name from list).


Search Suggestions:

To search for online meetings, use the Meeting Finder and search for “Online Meeting” in the Type field.

Not all meetings have been designated as Online Meeting. Many are still listed as Temporary Closure but have Zoom info in them. (If a complete Zoom link is not offered the status will not change to online)

To search for meetings, use the Meeting Finder “Search” field.

Type “Zoom” into the search field and hit “Enter” or tab off the field. (Zoom or Other On-line)

Type “Hybrid” into the search field and hit “Enter” or tab off the field. (Zoom AND In Person)

Type “Mask” into the search field and hit “Enter” or tab off the field. (COVID Restricted)

Type “Phone” into the search field and hit “Enter” or tab off the field. (Call in)


GSO has prepared some good information as well:  https://aa.org/pages/en_US/update-on-covid-19-coronavirus


This is an opportunity for us as a Fellowship to practice our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts for the good of everyone. This is a work in progress ever mindful of the Fellowship as a whole.

We have learned that our organization gets its information primarily via word-of-mouth. Please share information.

… All the best


Note: The mention of specific software is not meant as an endorsement or promotion by Area 11. We simply wish to provide information about what AA members are doing to solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism during the pandemic.