MEETING INFORMATION EDITS  (Due to Corona virus Concerns):

Given the current status of “Social Distancing” & facility closures, many in-person meetings are temporarily closed.

If your meeting is NOT  listed as “Temporarily Closed”, it will appear to visitors & newcomers to be physically open, & may cause great frustration.

So, to prevent that, we strongly implore you to be extremely proactive to communicate the CLOSED status of any meetings you are aware of directly to .

Thank You.

All District pages are displaying live lists of online meetings (that would normally be physically held in their District) held instead via Teleconferencing  (as shown above).  Please send all meeting closure info. or  teleconferencing updates (Zoom ID’s, URL’s, etc., ) directly to  (as usual).


For meetings RESUMING face-to-face meetings again,

it is just as important to communicate the appropriate information to

IF you are discontinuing using ZOOM altogether,

please explicitly say so. (This prevents people from being frustrated by trying to log in to nonexistent tele-meetings).

IF you are resuming face-to-face meetings AND continuing the use of ZOOM,

either as two separate meetings or a “hybrid” meeting, please ask that the “temporarily closed” flag be removed from your meeting, but be sure to ALSO ask the ZOOM information be RETAINED.

In the meeting comments, in addition to any face-to-face constraints, include any necessary information about parallel OR hybrid ZOOM access.


If your meeting has ANY special requirements [meeting outdoors, bring your own chairs, literature, masks must be worn, no food or drink, etc., as per the requirements of the CDC and your host facility] please be sure to ask that this data be included in the comments so that attendees are aware.



For all updates, Schedules needs the meeting name, location (facility, including street address & town), day and time of the meeting.            Town is very important.

I (the district webchair) or any of The Website Committee do NOT  have the ability to make any changes, but can only facilitate the changes. Directly sending your update to is more efficient.

     The URL as well as the 9-digit meeting  ID is REQUIRED for the meeting to properly display as having an “Online” status.

The decision as to whether or not to post the meeting PASSWORD online is up to your Group’s consensus; be aware that there are inherent risks in making that information publicly visible, along with its benefits. (If, however, you are employing the recommended security options and using a waiting room, with an active meeting host to monitor participant behavior you will probably be OK, but there are no guarantees).

  We ask that any GSR’s (or attendees, if you have no GSR) with accurate data submit that via the method indicated above.

This website is updated in real-time, but the Meeting Finder app. (used on smartphones) is updated only every 12 hours.

Thank your all for your cooperation and pro-active participation in this difficult time.