District 7 is subdivided into three sub-districts:

7-1: Hartford.

          Contact the DCMs for this subdistrict:  
dcm7-1a@ct-aa-d7.org   [ VACANT ]           dcm7-1b@ct-aa-d7.org   [ David C. (Rocky) ]          dcm7-1alt@ct-aa-d7.org   [ VACANT ]


7-2: Newington, Rocky Hill, West Hartford, and Wethersfield.

          Contact the DCMs for this subdistrict:
dcm7-2a@ct-aa-d7.org   [ Melanie D. ]          dcm7-2b@ct-aa-d7.org   [ VACANT ]          dcm7-2alt@ct-aa-d7.org   [ Shannon K. ]


7-3: Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, Farmington, East Granby, Granby, Hartland, Simsbury, Suffield, Windsor, and Windsor Locks.

          Contact the DCMs for this subdistrict:
dcm7-3a@ct-aa-d7.org   [ Josh L. ]          dcm7-3b@ct-aa-d7.org   [ Jeff D. ]          dcm7-3alt@ct-aa-d7.org   [  Dan M. ]


{note: ONLY “live” hyperlink e-mail addresses are in service and will be responded to. Please do not attempt to use e-mail addresses that are NOT hyperlinks.}


Map of District 7, subdistricts

District 7 – By subdistrict and town

District 7 Answering Service: 860-289-4357

News and Events

2023 Area 11 Convention – Registration

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2022 Area 11 AA Convention - Registration First Name:* Last Initial:* Phone: Email:* Sobriety/Serenity Date: mm/dd/yy Home Group (name & city) Member ofA.A.Al-AnonAlateen Accessibility needs: SpanishASLHearing ImpairedOther-please specify Is there...


NEW Posts, Announcements, and Group Flyers!


[District-only Postings will remain visible on this page [in the “News and Events” section of the D7 mainpage] 

(for approximately 3 months or until the end of the event, whichever comes first.)

▬ Does your group have an anniversary celebration, service event or other activity which you would like made visible to other members (here, to selected multiple Districts, Area-wide, or perhaps internationally)? 

▬ Would your group, committee or other AA entity wish to inform the Fellowship of such things as meeting schedule/location changes, requests for participation at upcoming events or on committees?

If so, we’d be glad to arrange to have your flyer posted here or on other District pages (especially useful for “Virtual” events) .


►►► What is the difference between an Event and a Post???


An Event is an activity which takes place at a specific location (including Online or Hybrid) at a specific date (or dates) and time(s).

Examples would be: Service Days, Alkathons, Assemblies, group anniversary celebrations, etc.,

*** Note that ONLY Events are made visible on the Area Events Calendar. Posts do NOT appear there, but are made visible instead in each Districts “homepage” in the “News and Events” section.



Information eligible to be placed on this website as a POST would fall into categories such as: notifications of meeting location or time changes, solicitations for participation in service committees, requests for members to volunteer for support services at District/Area activities, newly available AA (GSO-approved) literature items and any relevant, pertinent data falling under the purview of this Website’s Service and/or committee guidelines.



Please feel free to e-mail it as an attachment (flyer), with information, to:

If it is an EVENT, send to  Area EVENTS at events@ct-aa.org

If it falls under the definition of a post, and needs to ONLY be made visible on THIS DISTRICT’s page, please send to the District webchair at: webchair@ct-aa-d7.org

Should you wish your POST be made visible to other (or ALL ) Districts in Area 11; send it instead to Area EVENTS (events@ct-aa.org ) as only they can add items to other than this single Districts pages.


Please be sure to adhere to the Area web standards for postings, (primarily NO use of last names, phone numbers, or personally identifiable e-mail addresses).  Document format may be in any editable format (MS Word) or as .PDF  — All postings will be converted to .PDF prior to posting by the relevant webcommittee person. 
See the Area website posting guidelines at:  Area-11 Website submission guidelines 




Click here to submit individual or Group contributions to District 7 via our confidential online contribution portal!



When entering contribution amounts, enter ONLY numerals 0-9 and the decimal point. Do NOT prefix your entry with a dollar sign ($) or the process will not take you to the PayPal gateway.


▬  If you are making a contribution as a GROUP, rather than as an individual member;

Please use the “Group Contribution to District 7” link and be sure to fill in the (required) group information [Group Number, Meeting Day, Start Time].    Your Treasurer’s email address (or desired recipient of confirmation) should be used. This is of great help to the financial recordkeeping at District level.

▬ IF you do not know your Group Number

(Your Group’s Treasurer should have this data): if not, look up the relevant meeting in “Find a Meeting” on this site; it will display as a 6-digit number just below the physical address & directly above “District 07”.  If, for some reason(s) you have not yet been issued a Group Number, consult the Area Registrar at arearegistrar@ct-aa.org 


For those interested in mailing check contributions, you may continue to do so.


Our mailing address is:

District 7 Service Committee, P.O. Box 330190 West Hartford, CT. 06110

Please include Group Name and Number with all contributions


Click on any of the hyperlinks below, and the default e-mail application in the machine you are currently using will open a new mail message addressed to them.

[You can also copy/paste and add the addresses to your e-mail program’s address book, if desired.]




Recording Secretary


Registrar  [ VACANT ]





For a complete e-mail list of ALL officers, chairs, representatives and DCMs in District 7, click HERE


District 7 Documentation

Here you will find the following sort of items:

  • District 7 Service Guide.
  • Useful forms, templates, spreadsheets and other communications or service aids.
  • Informational handouts of processes and procedures used in meetings.
  • More items as may be desired by the user community at large.


Note that unless required by their nature (spreadsheet, scalable graphic), all documents are presented in Adobe Acrobat’s .PDF format for maximum compatibility.



For all members, GSRs and DCMs we have created a special sub-page for data on the topic of Redistricting.

At the December 16, 2021 District meeting, the recommendation to proceed with redistricting was approved.

Please CLICK HERE to view this special-purpose page where you will be able to view the progress of the Redistricting Committee.




To go to the Documentation page, click HERE


Please note that some of the data on this page has only just begun to be populated, so please be patient.  If you feel that something SHOULD be made available on this page, please feel free to discuss with the District webchair at webchair@ct-aa-d7.org 





District 7 Meetings:

We have meetings from as early as 7 AM to 11:30 PM. Our district includes a very diverse AA member population. We offer meetings for just Men, just Women, Spanish speaking, Gay/Lesbian, Young People’s, Beginners, Closed Meetings, Open Meetings, Speaker Meetings, Step Meetings, Big Book Meetings, Candlelight Meetings, Discussion Meetings, Came to Believe Meetings, Living Sober Meetings, Traditions Meetings, As Bill Sees It Meetings, 24 Hour A Day (book) Meetings, Secular and Daily Reflections Meetings. Many of the meeting locations are handicapped accessible. If your meeting is not listed, or listed incorrectly, then please bring this to the attention of the District 7 Schedules Chair. You may also use the Meeting Change form, which submits data directly to Area Schedules:  https://ct-aa.org/meeting_change/

Online Meetings (click here)

(Opens, in a NEW page, a presorted subset of “Find A Meeting” for District 7, ordered by Day, Time – sortable by YOU.)

For information on changing meeting schedules and having NEW meetings placed into the schedule

click HERE

District 7 Upcoming Meetings

Time Meeting Location City
7:30 am Avon Morning Group Online Avon Online Avon
10:00 am Survivors Group Holy Trinity Church Hartford
10:00 am Sunlight of the Spirit Group Recovery Club Windsor
10:00 am Joe And Charlie Tapes Meeting St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Wethersfield
10:00 am West Avon Group W Avon Congregational Church Avon


View all District 7 Meetings




District 7 has a strong tradition of service to our fellowship.

There are often positions open:


For a list or all current service openings, go  HERE




All Area meetings are held at 581 Meriden Ave., Southington.

► (Currently being held via ZOOM during the issues with COVID-19)


All District 7 Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 471 South Quaker Lane, West Hartford

Beginning at 7:30 PM (as stated below).

► As of Oct 21 2021, “IN-PERSON” meetings have resumed, with a Virtual (Zoom) option [HYBRID]

…..so feel free to come and step up for a position.

Again, Welcome! Thank You for Visiting!




Monthly District Service Meetings

As of Oct 21, 2021 we have resumed IN-PERSON meetings at our usual physical location (St. Mark the Evangelist Church’s Community Center building) with the option for virtual attendance via Zoom [HYBRID meeting]

Feel free to login a bit early if you wish for some fellowship.

If you are a current attendee you should be receiving a meeting invitation with login (Zoom) credentials and documents from our Recording Secretary relevant to the upcoming meeting a few days before the meeting date.

Please ensure the district’s recording secretary and registrar have your correct email address [district e-mail, assuming you are configured with it].

If you are a new GSR & have not registered with District officials, please contact registrar@ct-aa-d7.org and

recordingsecretary@ct-aa-d7.org to be certain you are on the mailing list.



If you are interested in attending the District meeting, perhaps to stand for an open position, or other purpose, you may find the address and Zoom credentials on the Area Service Calendar, located at:

Area 11 Service Calendar – Alcoholics Anonymous (ct-aa.org)


A Traditions Meeting

Is also held for District members via Zoom on meeting days, hosted by one of our officers, [6:45 – 7:15 PM].

Use the same ID & Password as for the District meeting; a “breakout  room” is used for this purpose.


All new GSRs and Alternate GSRs

should plan to attend an orientation session & receive an information packet before the meeting  [7:00 – 7:15 PM].

Use the same ID & Password if attending “virtually” as for the District meeting; a “breakout  room” is used for this purpose.



Physical Location

[As of Oct 21, 2021, we have resumed IN-PERSON (with HYBRID virtual option) at:]

St. Mark The Evangelist Church   ( at the Parish Center approx. 300 yards to the left of the Church )
7:30 – 9:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month
471 Quaker Lane South, West Hartford


Directions & map info can be gotten from Google Maps at:  Click HERE for a Google Map & Directions

If attending via Zoom;

ID = 816 768 826 03                  Password:  222 759


We post district and registered group events.
Please email information to events@ct-aa.org or speak to your district website rep.
Please be sure your flyer or information adheres to our guidelines.